We were in Amsterdam where OutSystems Next Step took place on 30th and 31st October, an event where more than 3000 business and IT leaders, software architects and developers shared experiences during these two days full of innovation, disruptive thinking and amazing technology.

We saw how the world’s largest (and most complex) companies are transforming their businesses. We discovered how new technologies such as AI, IoT and Blockchain are launching incredible solutions, and we exchanged experiences with leaders from different companies who are building their teams to redefine their digital future.

The keynote by Paulo Rosado (CEO of OutSystems), was illuminating and uplifting, with some laughs, surprises and demonstrations of new and exciting things.

Among them, the following:


To illustrate how legacy systems can be rebuilt from the ground up, Paulo Rosado told the story of Vopak. The 400-year-old company that stores various oils, chemicals, edible oils and natural gas-related products, which operates in some of biggest ports in the world and manages the logistics getting oil in and out of the ports, built its own terminal management system, which is now installed in 74 terminals they have around the world.


Experience Builder is new to OutSystems and enables teams to build the native experiences that customers expect faster and without needing development skills. Its web interface is easy-to-use, and it includes fully customizable application flows and screen templates with embedded native behaviours. Experience Builder will be available as an EAP in December.


PWAs are web apps that behave like native mobile apps on a device. Paulo showed how PWAs look and work and it was amazing.


After a conversation with a bot created with the new chatbot capability, Paulo showed a sentiment analysis app that can use emotions to discern the different meanings of “I’m fine”.


We also saw how OutSystems offers simplified integration with Azure Active Directory and Okta so you can integrate applications with enterprise IdP and so strengthen business and end-user security through a simple setup.


Also new from OutSystems is Workflow Builder, which will enable you to model and create workflows with pre-set templates, making it easy to design and automate parts of the process.


This new platform tool will allow you to build and expand different applications without too much effort. Intelligent architectural recommendations and AI-driven architecture refactoring to tackle problems are some of the possibilities offered by this dashboard.

After Paulo’s Keynote, there were many success story sessions of applications developed with the platform that were presented jointly by OutSystems’ clients and partners and more than 40 technology sessions led by OutSystems’ experts. It was really a motivating experience to be able to see in person the possibilities offered by the platform and all that it can still offer.

During the breaks between sessions, we met different clients and partners of OutSystems. All of them share a common thought and it is a great satisfaction with the platform. Also, from the first minute there is a great sense of community among all attendees: clients explaining their applications, partners specializing in different areas exchanging experiences, forging partnerships to tackle new challenges …

After two days of success stories, progress on the future of application development, exchanging experiences and making new partnerships, we return to Valencia knowing the possibilities offered by the platform and great ideas to help our clients grow through digital transformation with OutSystems and clear that a future without limits awaits us.