SAP Enable Now, is the modernisation of the so-called WPB (Workforce Performance Builder). It is a platform for managing and sharing content, through which self-directed learning is achieved. In this way we achieve an improvement in the learning processes in a simple way, while facilitating the changes that arise. All content is designed for self-authorisation purposes that will help us implement new projects. It has a native integration with SAP, which automatically handles all version updates.

The whole process is explained through recordings, and it enables content to be edited and added to those recordings with explanations on each screen, or even the generation of a multiple-choice test.

With these recordings, documentation in Word, PDF, PowerPoint and HTML formats can be generated, as well as being able to modify templates. There are three types of document generation:

  1. The ‘Single Document‘ documentation generation method, which is used to create documentation for simulation projects.
  2. Complex documents, linking all the content of several work areas within one document.
  3. Master document, in which documents in a work area can be compiled together in one document, making reference to them.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of adding audio to the recordings. In this way, you can explain each step of the content, screen by screen. Furthermore, you can choose between a monitored or personalised voice (informal). It is an easy and effective way to share knowledge by recording a voice file directly while recording, or afterwards alternatively.

With this tool four types of recordings will be generated:

  • Demo: which allows you to see how a certain content is carried out, step by step, through a video.
  • Exercise: it will explain how to do it, step by step. In case of error it will give you the possibility to try again or continue to the next step.
  • Test: you must perform the exercise alone. This way you check that you have understood the demo and exercise mode.
  • Practical: it is a playback function, screen by screen.

The Manager functionality allows you to control the content that is generated and publish it using permissions. All content that is published from the Workarea can only be viewed by Managers.
Hence, there are other publication possibilities so they can be accessed by everyone.

From the information centre, you will have the possibility to ask questions about how to perform a specific action within each content. The user will not only learn how it is done, but how to actually do it himself/herself.

In addition, the context help provides additional information for particular areas on the screen of the current application. It allows users to quickly get their bearings in new, rarely used or complex application interfaces. Migrating a work area enables updating work area resources from one version of SAP Enable Now to the next highest. Migration is necessary since a newer version of the SAP Enable Now Producer component includes changes in resources and resource structure. However, migration does not change the content of your work area.

SAP Enable Now is a way to learn knowledge in a simple, detailed and continuous way, which will increase worker productivity.

It integrates with all SFSF modules, but also allows us to design a SCORM course and attach it to the LMS module.

To use this tool, we must buy the licenses, or do it through a Partner that adapts that content.

We currently have 2,500 users and Partners who use it.