In every class or training session I am surprised to see consultants, even those with experience, who do not know these URLs. You can access each one anonymously or with your OSS user number. Personally I recommend keeping a single access with SAP Passport certificate, as it is much more convenient.

1. SAP Notes

As consultants, we have seen how searching for OSS notes has evolved, the separation between KBA’s and notes. The search and delimitation by components and versions. Some of us have experienced the change with the launchpad launch and the task of getting used to the new. It’s all in the notes… a great teacher once said. We don’t just search and find bugs; there’s a universe of valuable information here. Before you send a message to SAP, look at the notes.

2. SAP Best Practices Explorer

It is undoubtedly the cornerstone on which to base all the knowledge of any SAP consultant. Best practice has always accompanied (good) SAP consultants, at least as far as theory is concerned. A point of frequent consultation to keep up to date and always review how the theory should be.

3. SAP Help

Legend has it that a junior consultant once explained in an email how he had to learn SAP. The content of the message was: “”.
This page has also evolved over time and is now quite good in terms of the restructuring it has undergone. Here we have the possibility to search and get quite a lot of information about the standard components and features of SAP. Get by learning SAP:

4. SAP Community (Old SDN)

In this community consultants ask questions and get generally good answers, as the threads are moderated by SAP. I have occasionally seen threads show an incorrect answer but I have also observed how they immediately correct them. It is a fairly reliable source of information and we can get answers to our questions there.

5. Opensap

A source of MOOC’s exclusive to SAP and founded with the personal involvement of Hasso Plattner himself. While it is true that some courses are not quite what we expect technically, it is common to find valuable information here to give us an idea or get an introduction to some SAP topics.

6. Simplification Item Catalog

What at first we only had in a single note and in an attached PDF as a simplification list, we now have in a whole URL that is contained in an orderly and updated way all the implications of each new version. Indispensable for S4 projects.

7. Support Launchpad

Many of the above-mentioned URLs can be accessed from this hub. New links are constantly being added and it is very convenient to keep it within our favourite bookmarks. Stay identified with your S user and you will have a lot of information and tools at hand.

8. Fiori Library

Fiori’s application library. Very convenient in knowing the function and requirements each app that SAP makes available to consultants. Among other details, here we can find which version an app is available, information regarding implementation, associated notes, technical catalogues, associated business roles, etc. Crucial when we request apps from our AS partners to have all this information.

9. SAP Roadmap Viewer

Closely linked to SAP project management. Based on SAP Activate methodology, this roadmap is a repository of SAP project management documentation. We have implementation roadmaps separated by cloud products, on-prem, agile projects, waterfall projects, etc. Very important for the correct management of SAP projects.

10. Fiori Design Guidelines

It is more for programmers but from time to time it is good to stop by to investigate some details in reference to the general concepts that have to be applied when developing apps in SAP-Fiori. I encourage you to have a little look.

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Orlando Docimo is an Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years of work experience, 12 of which have been dedicated to SAP consulting and project management. As a consultant in the logistics area he has specialized in the area of SAP SD and CRM in its different versions and evolutions, as well as in SAP Activate project methodology for SAP S/4 HANA project implementations.