For another year in a row, the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda hops on the Connected Industry bandwagon, also known as Industry 4.0, and announces grants to promote the modernization of companies and the incorporation of new technologies.

According to the Ministry itself, “new technological developments, hyper-connectivity and the globalization of the economy are raising major challenges and opportunities for our economy. The industry must also address these opportunities and challenges in order to evolve and position itself as a strong, competitive sector that is an international benchmark.”

The deadline for these grants is December 26th, which “pursue the support for projects that promote the digital transformation of industrial companies, thus complementing the business efforts that are aimed at helping them to evolve towards the digital economy. In particular, the goal of this action is to support the incorporation of knowledge, technologies and innovations aimed at digitizing processes and creating technologically advanced products and services with higher added value in industrial companies”, according to the Ministry of Energy Tourism and the Digital Agenda.

Among the examples of new technologies being implemented in companies, the Ministry points to the Cloud, Big Data, computerized robotics and The Internet of Things, among others.

According to the Ministry, “‘digital enablers’ are the set of technologies that make it possible for this new industry to exploit its full potential. In effect, they allow for the hybridization between the physical and the digital world, that is, they link the physical world to the virtual one in order to make the industry a smart industry.” To do so, and as can be seen in the previous image, these digital enablers have tools for Application and Business Management, Communication and Data Processing and the Digitization of the Workplace.

Size of the grants

Up to 70,000,000 euros have been destined to finance various types of projects:

  • Industrial research: up to 50% of the eligible cost of the project in large companies; up to 60% of the cost in medium-sized companies; and 70% in small companies.
  • Experimental development: up to 25% of the cost in large companies; 35% in medium-sized companies and 45% in small companies.
  • Innovation in organization and processes: up to 15% in large companies, 50% in medium-sized and small companies.

According to the Ministry, the financed actions must be executed starting on the day following the date of application up to a maximum period of eighteen months from the date of resolution of the concession.

Application via the web

The application for these grants will be done electronically, using the digital certificate procedure, through this link.