With the participation in this hub as a SILVER sponsor, Sothis strengthens its support for the sector and its committment to cyber security.

The digital transformation that we are witnessing in our society not only affects big corporations, but it is also reaching the industry with the so-called Industry 4.0 in the shape of new technological trends such as IIOT(Industrial IoT), Big DataM2M or the Cloud, to name a few.

Adopting these new technologies, many of which from the world of IT, allows the industry to transform traditional factories into more independent, agile and intelligent factories, but they also involve the onset of new risks related to security, stemming from the implementation of new systems and technologies.

Attacks on industrial systems can have very serious consequences, not only for business processes but they can also have direct consequences on the products, environmental damage, damage to people, etc.

The Centre for Industrial Cyber Security

Whilst being aware that this transformation and the implementation of new technologies involves new risks; Sothis joins the CCI (Centre for Industrial Cyber Security) as a SILVER sponsor with the aim of contributing and providing all its knowledge and experience in the industrial sector and critical infrastructures to defend it against incipient cyber threats.

The CCI (Centre for Industrial Cyber Security) is the first centre originating out of the industry, with the collaboration of specialist companies and the clear mission to drive and contribute to the improvement of Industrial Cyber Security, mainly in Spain and Latin America.

The CCI boasts partners like PaloAlto, CheckPoint, Cisco, Telefónica, ElvenPaths, Siemens, and as of this month, Sothis.

With this integration into the CCI, besides helping to protect organisation, Sothis wants to drive and strengthen the need to design, establish and implement industrial cyber security policies that not only involve the IT operations in plants, but also take into account the IT systems from a global perspective (360º view).

The importance of industrial security in a new technological environment

Traditionally, the industrial sector has always aimed to prioritise the safety of people against potential physical damage arising from operations and the use of machinery, against the protection of the actual technology systems that give support to operations .

In light of this new technological paradigm, smart factories need to adopt security measures in accordance with the technology that has been released.Further still, if we look at the reports, they show that in the first few months of 2018 alone, Spain managed more cyber attacks than in the whole of 2014.

The main challenge that the sector faces is that many of the devices installed in the factories were not designed taking cyber security into account.It if therefore necessary to monitor and detect any anomalies that may occur in these elements as soon as possible before it can become a security incident.

For this reason, Sothis has incorporated technology into its security operations centre (ERIS-CERT) that is able to understand the communications and behaviour of the industrial systems so that, if an anomaly is detected, it can respond suitably and quickly to contain and erradicate the problem before there is a security incident.

There are now no excuses; the time has come to adopt security measures which will stop a cyber attack from materialising and potentially involving losses for your business.