Virtualization and Hyperconvergence

“The most transformative technologies are those that don’t need to be thought about.” - Dheeraj Pandey

What's the Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence is the key to an Enterprise Cloud, and is bound to become the standard in data centers for virtualized environments.

Simplifying IT infrastructures

Thanks to our alliance with Nutanix, a leading company in the transition to converged technologies, we simplify IT infrastructures so that companies can easily adapt their business to the market’s new demands.

This technology makes it possible to have an operational data center in a matter of hours and reduce project TCO by 40%, while drastically reducing the complexity and operating cost of data centers.

Our experience and highest level certifications in virtualization, along with the latest Enterprise Cloud advances, allow us to design software-defined data centers with flexible and accessible technology so that systems are the basis of our clients’ business.

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