Information Governance and Management

Companies that are focused on truthful and reliable information are able to make decisions quickly, reacting correctly to any unexpected changes.

Information Management

At present, any organization has a large amount of information that is growing exponentially, stemming from multiple systems and data sources. In many cases this information is scattered, segmented and isolated, which is a detriment to companies; directly impacting their decisions and results.

They continue to make incorrect decisions that affect their business because they don’t have all the information or because they base their decisions on unreliable information. Therefore, it is crucial to have an information management strategy in place, as well as analysis tools that meet the company’s needs.


Information Management-prospects

Information management implies a cultural and technological change in organizations and must be approached from multiple perspectives: It is important to have a team to lead each of the stages, providing the most appropriate knowledge, tools and methodologies for each case, thus allowing for a successful transition to an information-oriented organization.

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