Automation and Control of Industrial Processes

Digital transformation is a new industrial revolution, comparable to the steam engine or electricity.

Factory Integration

The integration of information technology in factories has been a pivotal factor for the industry. Our experience confirms the high productivity of companies that commit to plant information management systems, directly translating into an increase in production and leading the creation of employment.

A world of Opportunities

Thanks to the improvement of current communications and a closer relationship with the end customer, a world of opportunities is opening up in the industrial sector, where it is possible to develop a personalized production process at the cost of mass production. For this to happen, production control is essential and must start with the collection of data in production lines for its later transformation into information that is useful for real-time decision making.

The Key

Having data is the key to any digital transformation in the industry, which once organized and treated becomes useful information for our analysis. As a result, plant automation and connectivity are a crucial part of Industry 4.0, as they are a basic part of data collection. This gives new meaning to concepts such as traceability, expanding control over production and improving the quality and safety of products.

Design & Implementation

The design and implementation of our projects include the integration of all hardware, software and industrial instrumentation, fieldbus development, as well as the manufacture and installation of electrical panels.


For this transformation to become a reality for our clients, we develop projects to automate, digitize and communicate all plant elements in a standardized way. Thus any plant actuator becomes a sensor that will report data. The projects range from design and implementation to the subsequent maintenance, where we can incorporate ourselves into any of the project’s phases.

Technological Advances

We are based on the latest technological advances in industrial networks, SW industrial control systems, HW industrial control devices (PLC, PC…), human interface (HMI), robotics and artificial vision, among others. This allows us to develop state-of-the-art projects that impact all phases of a product’s life cycle, facilitating customization of mass production.