Advanced Financial Processes

Improve the management of your company's investment program with Investment Management.

Investment Management

The increasing complexity of investments in organizations makes the implementation of comprehensive monitoring tools a necessity. Investment Management allows you to control the funds allocated to the investments, their commitment and usage level, for each order or investment project, department, company and group.

With the Investment Management package, through the investment monitor, you can control all of your company’s investments in a flexible and centralized way.


Its features range from previous investment requests, justification through the investment report, approval or rejection of received requests, the generation of orders or investment projects linked to the company’s global investment program, the economic planning and control of Capex, temporary control, and the management of transactions and commitment.

And most importantly, it includes a budgetary control for each investment, with funds allocated from the investment program, in order to establish expenditure limits and tolerances for the allocated budget. It is therefore possible to control the cash-flow of each investment, as well as the calculation of the corresponding NAV and IRR.