IT Security Management

Security Operations Center (SOC)

In order to help our clients with cybersecurity incidents, Sothis has a Security Operations Center (SOC). This center of operations provides a monitoring service that allows for real-time detection of signals indicating that a cyberattack is taking place. The monitoring service has the necessary tools for the detection, identification and neutralization of cybersecurity threats.

IBM Qradar

To carry out their tasks, the SOC team of professionals relies on the use of the IBM QRadar security intelligence platform. This market-leading tool facilitates the detection of incidents, applying intelligence based on anomalous behaviors taken from multiple previously-selected information sources, in order to offer the maximum number of quality events.

Security Incident Response Team (SIRT-CERT)

In the event of serious incidents, the Sothis Security Operations Center activates the Security Incident Response Team (SIRT-CERT). This team will act as an interlocutor between Sothis Group and the client, and will coordinate any action taken in order to analyze and correct the incident, minimizing the impact and proposing countermeasures to avoid future cases.

To guarantee the quality of our services, the Sothis team that provides the SOC service has recognized certifications within the cybersecurity sector.

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