Industrial Technology Management

Even technology has to be well-oiled.

Due to strict production schedules, plant downtimes need to be measured and planned. An unexpected shutdown has a direct impact on business and clients. It is therefore vital to apply proper evolutionary and corrective maintenance for all of the technology linked to the industrial infrastructure.

The plant must be able to meet the production requirements, and having good technological maintenance planning means that all plant equipment and processes will be in the best working conditions.

24x7x365 Software and Hardware Maintenance

We have a corrective maintenance service to deal with all plant problems derived from industrial information systems at any time of day, every day of the year. In addition, we use this service to perform monitoring and preventive maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

We adapt to the needs of our clients by providing both onsite and remote services, in addition to adapting to work shifts, which is why we offer 8x5, 8x7, 24x5 and 24x7 services, among others.

Analysis of Plant Efficiency

We use audits to identify hardware and software improvements that will allow us to optimize plant resources. We comprehensively study parameters and indicators, in order to determine improvements to be made in the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of plants.

We put special emphasis on energy efficiency, where using energy rate management software, we optimize costs thanks to time control and the identification of work orders.

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