The pharmaceutical industry is a leader in digital transformation.

Sector Leader in Digital Transformation

As a result of the profound changes the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing, it is one of the sectors that is leading the digital transformation, responding to the new requirements of the regulatory framework, the strong tendency of organizations to expand towards new markets, the incorporation of new products and increased manufacturing safety or control.

The significant challenges that arise from digital transformation are converted into obvious improvements in the organization’s efficiency, reducing its costs, improving the logistics chain, increasing the safety of the product and strengthening the competitiveness of the business.

This sector needs to adopt solutions that facilitate the global response to the market’s continuous changes. As a result, companies in the Spanish sector sustainably invest more than 1 billion euros annually in R&D.

Specific Improvements

One of the most widely used tools in this sector is SAP’s Life Sciences, which incorporates the best sector-specific practices and adds the efficiency of SAP business processes. Coupled with Sothis extensive experience in pharmaceutical projects, it’s the perfect strategy for assisting companies in the sector in matters related to the constant changes being made to regulations and requirements of new legal frameworks; without forgetting about total control over the business processes, which is necessary in order to make decisions in real time.

These types of projects and solutions focus on important aspects including serialization, manufacturing guides, batch management, traceability, production, regulated documentation (GMP, FDA and CTD) or laboratory management (LIMS).