Construction and Engineering

A sector led by Spanish companies worldwide.

Spanish Specialization

Spain is a worldwide leader in the construction sector. The companies have specialized in controlling all the execution stages of a project.

Vertical Solution

For more than a decade, in the hands of leading construction companies, Sothis has developed a vertical solution for the sector, SAP Concrete 3.0. This solution makes it possible to control both the execution of projects in terms of times, measurements, unit prices, yields, resources and costs, with its own execution structure, as well as customer certifications through the sales contract structure. It therefore carries out a dual structure project management, the execution structure and the contractual structure, both linked to the same project.

Production control, the proposed monthly provisions and inventory management are based on the progress of the site manager. Project re-planning is done by updating the planned unit prices for the latest contractual prices. The management of contractual variations (additional records), off-line work, integration with MS-Project, Presto, Archimedes, Neodata (budgeting program used in Mexico), Excel. Pre-invoices or certifications from the subcontractor, machinery management and management of UTEs, are just a few of the powerful features included in the solution, the most important feature being the worksite’s own reporting, such as the SIO record (site information system), the project income statement, the cash flow or the balance per worksite.

Sothis Experience

Thanks to our deployment experience in Spain, Poland, France, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt and Qatar, among others, we offer differential value in each deployment of SAP Concrete 2.1, not only as a result of our product and sector knowledge, but also because of our knowledge on locations in other countries.