Globalization Challenges in the Chemical Industry.

The sector's Challenges

The chemical industry is facing some of the most significant challenges in recent history deriving from globalization, such as increased concentration of companies and outsourcing of processes, fluctuations in the price of raw materials, and increasingly stringent regulations at the international level.

In addition, the existence of a global market places Asia as both a threat to the rising competition as well as an opportunity, as China is expected to concentrate 66% of industry sales by 2030.

Sothis Commitment

Our commitment to the sector is based on the application of technological solutions, along with a deep understanding of its processes. This allows companies to overcome these challenges thanks to actions in the industrial area for the improvement and control of machinery and plant lines, the management of dangerous substances and goods, formulation assistance by verifying compliance with international regulations, comprehensive traceability management, regulated documentation, validation of productive environments based on GMP, all hand in hand with the market leaders Siemens and SAP.