This represents 10% of the GDP and 19% of Spanish exports.

Automotive Industry in Spain

At present, Spain has 17 automobile manufacturing plants, 10% of the European total, which makes us the first European manufacturer of commercial vehicles and the second largest manufacturer of cars in Europe. But this sector is not limited to these 17 plants, since there is an ecosystem of more than approximately one thousand companies, leaders in their respective sectors, and whose turnover exceeds 27 billion euros.


Technological maturity and continuous innovation enable us to achieve excellence in a sector where the golden rule is just-in-time. Technology has a prominent role in the companies of this sector and is at the center of all of their decisions.

Our knowledge of the sector, as well as the latest advances in automation, project management and quality control, allow us to help companies undertake these innovation and technological improvement processes. We also accompany them in learning about their activity, continuously finding new ways to improve and guarantee the competitiveness of their companies.