A key sector with many challenges that lie ahead.

The sector's challenges

The agri-food sector is the first industrial sector in Spain, and although it has not been as affected by the crisis as other sectors in the economy, it faces a series of challenges that are vital to its competitiveness and future.

The most immediate challenges are internationalization, productivity improvement, product and process innovation and, above all, traceability and food safety.

Sothis Group

Since their beginnings, Sothis has been involved in the contribution of knowledge and value in this sector, participating in both public and private initiatives so that good practices and technology are a catalyst to help companies overcome these challenges.

Thanks to our own solutions added to SAP’s standard processes, we can cover the needs of any company throughout the entire value chain, including the control and efficiency of production lines, the management of the double unit of variable measurement, commercial agreements out of invoice, traceability, EDI integration with large areas and logistical platforms, commissioning management, integral quality control, the analysis of profitability of customers and products, the planning of planting, control and registration of applied pesticides, or the digitization of the field notebook.

These features enable us to achieve full traceability of raw material, from planning to its delivery to the customer.