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What are we like?

Our People at Sothis are characterized by having Passion, Open Minds and Strength, which has made us a great team. We work day by day to generate Pride of Belonging for our People, placing them at the center of our Organizational Model.

How do we work?

Agility, Learning and Evolution are the pillars that support our way of doing things. Our processes are designed in a way that guarantees our progress every day, while offering our clients the best solutions at all times.

How do we understand Leadership?

All People are potential leaders.

We can exercise our leadership by working as a Team, setting an Example through our behaviors, Communicating the necessary information in the right places and at the right times, and being part of a System where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you share our values, then we are waiting for you!

Why Sothis?


Make your salary flexible

Medical insurance, restaurant card, childcare ticket, transport ticket or language training. We are aware that each person has unique needs, which is why we offer you the possibility of making your salary flexible and choosing the products you need.


Share a lifestyle

Sports events, paddle tournaments, marathons and company races. If you like to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy doing sports, at Sothis you will find many people who you can share your passions with.


Taking a breather is also important

You can enjoy some down time with your coworkers in the corners and cafeterias in our offices.


Technology in your hands

We will put all the technological resources you need at your disposal in order to achieve maximum productivity in your work.


We want to grow with you

Technology requires continuous learning, which is why we guarantee that our People are at the forefront of knowledge thanks to continued education and development.


We want to unleash your potential – Mentoring

We believe that talent should never be restrained, it needs to be tapped into. We know that an adaptation process to a new work environment takes time, which is why we provide you with mentors who will guide you in your first steps so that you feel like part of the family and can give your best.

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