On 14 of March 2019 Sothis received the IBM Partner of the Year award in cybersecurity during the IBM Ecosystem Summit 2019 event held in Madrid. The clear commitment of Sothis for IBM on its path towards excellence in cybersecurity, together with the development of projects in sectors as relevant as aerospace, retail, banking and healthcare have made us a benchmark for IBM in this sector.

A pioneering design adapted to customer needs

One of the keys to Sothis’ success in this very complicated sector has been knowing how to adapt to the huge diversity in clients and the circumstances they present. From the outset, Sothis was very clear that any company, regardless of its size and level of maturity, had the right to be protected against cyber attacks. For this reason, they wanted to have the most advanced tools that would ensure a quality servce. With the choice of cutting-edge technology and relying on its vision of making cybersecurity reach all customers, Sothis has managed to democratize security with the best manufacturer, IBM and its SIEM QRadar; which place it as a reference tool, according to the studies carried out by large consultancies.

To carry out the arduous task of preserving the security of its clients’ information systems, Sothis has built an innovative security operations center (SOC) supported by IBM’s QRadar technology. Which allows you to have real-time knowledge of all threats that threaten organizations, to be able to act, if necessary, with professionals capable of mitigating and containing incidents that can be developed in the shortest possible time, and minimize impact for the organization.

ERIS-CERT – the name given to its security operations center- is delivered to customers, in the service modality. This delivery method allows flexible adaptation to the needs of its customers with a customized deployment model, always understanding  the context of your business, your needs and strategic objectives in each case.

The advantages of managing security as a service are evident since companies clearly benefit from access to highly qualified and experienced professionals in a field as complex as cybersecurity. The other great advantage is that companies that manage their security through a service like the one offered by Sothis, allows them to not have to invest in the hiring, training or managing of these professional profiles which is a very complex task of our time.

ERIS-CERT is present in the most relevant cybersecurity forums

Despite its youth, the Sothis SOC (ERIS-CERT) supports the experience of its more than 20 professionals, and the certifications of these. In addition to the human factor, and to guarantee the confidence of its clients, ERIS-CERT is one of the most relevant forums in the sector both nationally and internationally, having presence in CSIRT.es, TF-CSIRT and iSMS Forum among others. In order to join o these forums, it has had to go through audits that guarantee the quality of the services offered, which endorses it as a reference center.

ERIS-CERT Sothis, a team of 10

An achievement like this is not possible without the efforts of all the professionals who are part of the security department. During these two years, they have worked relentlessly, to make Sothis SOC a benchmark which IBM has recognized with its award: thanks to this multidisciplinary team and their extensive experience, they have managed to deploy an innovative service capable of competing with the best.