Sothis received the international award for “Southern European Rising Star of the Year 2019” at the HPE Discover Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas in June. The award distinguishes HPE commercial partners who raise the standard for business excellence and customer satisfaction.

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), the American tech innovation company, gave recognition to Sothis amongst the different commercial partners it works with across the world.

This is undoubtedly due recognition of all the efforts that Sothis has made and, above all, the change of strategy launched in 2017, under which Sothis has specialised in innovative and value-added solutions. “Sothis has done in just 18 months what other system integrators have taken 4 or 5 years to do. We are now on the same level as the main system integrators in the Southern European market” commented Catalina Jiménez, Director of Consultancy and Information Systems, who collected the award on behalf of the company.

As a result of the award and its importance, Catalina has been interviewed by 7 Tele Valencia news, where she spoke very favourably of the award: “it gives us great belief, especially as it highlights our values and the talent of our people, and underlines the team’s hard work, innovation, and our passion for what we do”.

She also added that Sothis people have two basic values: knowledge and attitude. “In terms of knowledge, we have to point out that Sothis invests significantly in training. Currently, out of more than 800 employees almost 700 are qualified in different technologies from different manufactures, which means we have a very high level of technological excellence”.

But it doesn’t stop there, just as Catalina noted, as another fundamental aspect is attitude. On this, she added that Sothis people “are people who are passionate about their work, who are open-minded, who can adapt to new situations, and who strive on a daily basis to give their clients the best service and quality”.

“Clients can see Sothis’ quality and this boosts their faith in us. Clients eventually become our best advertising”

This award is firm recognition of Sothis’, and its staff’s, track record and commitment to keeping its clients fully satisfied and offering the best solutions on the market.

Watch the full interview with Catalina Jimenez on 7 Televalencia  here: