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Sothis was founded in 2008 in order to lead a change in the way we offer information technology services, with a clear vision on the impact that technology can have on our clients’ businesses.

Since 2008, and thanks to the talent of our team, we have managed to develop an innovative approach where the information systems of a productive company always link to and work with unique data. All of this in partnership with leading manufacturers such as Siemens, IBM, HPe, Microsoft and SAP, who we are also a Gold Partner for in Spain.

We specialise in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction and distribution sectors. This specialisation is a result of our in-depth knowledge in industrial information systems, general information systems and business applications.

Through incorporating specialised individuals and companies, we are now made up of over 830 people across Paterna, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Aranda de Duero, Alacuás, Sevilla and Porto; from where we are able to support our clients in over 35 countries.

Sothis is one of the largest investees of the investment company Angels, who belongs to Marina de Empresas, headed by Juan Roig, founder of Mercadona, whose key aim is to build, assess and finance the entrepreneurs of today and of the future.