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The Document Compliance Framework

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance is an extensible framework that allows partners to build solutions for digital compliance requirements following the standard SAP Document Compliance architecture. This facilitates implementation and operations for customers using SAP Document and Reporting Compliance as their global solution for digital compliance requirements. At the same time, it considerably reduces the time and effort a partner needs to develop the solution, since most of the capabilities already available for other countries and scenarios can be reused.

Sothis has developed eInvoice Ecuador Solution based on this standard.

 In addition, we have developed two applications necessary to comply with the legal requirements in Ecuador.

eInvoice for Ecuador by Sothis 

 As the majority of countries in Latin America, Ecuador has put in place a mandatory e-invoicing schema. Since 2014, they established a calendar for the different companies to send  the tax authority (Servicio de Rentas Internas, SRI), which returns an electronic authorization that validates the invoice.

The following electronic documents can be issued with the solution:

– Sales invoices

– Credit memos

– Purchase settlements

– Withholding tax receipts

As soon as a document that has been customized as relevant to create edocuments is posted, it will be displayed automatically in the edocument cockpit.

In the cockpit, you will be able to select the usual functions:

  • Submit: selecting this button will send the document to the SRI
  • Change status manually: the edocument will change its status to Created.
  • Display XML: the XML file that will be sent can be displayed
  • Change status manually: the edocument will change its status to Created.
  • Go to:
    • Source document: will display the source logistics documentHistory: will display the history of actions performed for the selected edocument
    • Application log: will save the communication error if there is one

When it is sent, a call is made to the enabled SRI webservice:

  1. Reception WS: receives the XML and returns the RECEIVED response.
  2. Authorization WS: will return 3 types of messages
  3. Processing (PPR): the SRI is processing the registration.
  4. Authorized (AUT): the registration has been successfully registered. The status in the return XML is AUTHORIZED.
  5. Not authorized (NAT): the issuer will be required to correct and resend the receipt. The status in the return XML is REJECTED.

The response is almost immediate. However, the maximum time it will take the SRI to process a receipt is 24 hours. Therefore, if a processing status has been received, the status of the different electronic documents can be checked by executing App Electronic document: background process.

The system communicates with SRI again and updates the status:

If within 15 days after issuing and sending the invoice you want to reverse it, the process is done manually in the SRI and then the invoice has to be reversed in the system so that it can be cleared for accounting purposes. This reversal will not generate an eDocument.

After 15 days, a credit memo must be sent.

On the same monitor you can display the authorization date and the authorization number.

The authorization number and date are retrieved on the invoice form that will be sent to the customer:

Within the scope of the localization of Ecuador, an application has been developed to upload the XML of invoices received from national suppliers.  In this way it is possible to have the relevant information of the invoices required to fill in the transactional Annex.

In addition, in this same transaction it is possible to view the XML uploaded to the system and its corresponding accounting document once it has been posted.

The Simplified Transactional Annex (ATS) is an annex that allows taxpayers to submit monthly information related to purchases or acquisitions, sales or income, exports, cancelled receipts and withholding receipts in a simpler and more efficient way.  It is required to generate an XML according to SRI specifications.

The application has been created to select the data and save it in the desired folder:

The file obtained is manually uploaded to the SRI website.

In this way Sothis provides a solution for a country like Ecuador that does not have a standard localization, following SAP standards.


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