The new year is off to a start. There is no better time to make good resolutions for the future and to set out a challenge for ourselves: the digitisation of our company. Take the leap and dive head first into the fast-paced current that will either bring us to the top or will drag us along like a ship at the mercy of the sea.

We have to use our heads, search for good consultants who have their feet on the ground and their heads on straight.

Get rid of siren calls and solutions that always come up short or that have serious limitations. Once we commit ourselves the possibilities are endless, which is why we need to know how to choose a good travel companion, someone who is capable of satisfying both our short and long-term needs.

How to dive head first into the Connected Industry

We need to know what’s truly important to us, what are our real and objective needs are, so that we don’t enter into a bottomless pit of useless data that won’t allow us to see what really matters.

We have to be aware of what we have, we need an inventory of all our equipment along with their characteristics in order to know how to tackle them. We must also look at all the existing options in the market in regards to communication or monitoring for the capture of data as inputs/outputs, before we show up with an axe in hand and end up destroying this equipment. Monitoring this equipment will allow us to know if it is really profitable and if it is useful to us for our processes, or if it’d be better off used as firewood. This could be the most delicate but most productive part of the challenge. From this data we will arrive at the real value of where we’re at, and with this information we can know how much room we have for improvement.

Monitoring plant equipment: supervision systems and production management

This equipment will act as our five senses in the plant. It’ll watch over things, take the temperature, the pressure, detect gases, etc. It’ll show us what condition the factory is really in, how to anticipate a cold before it turns into pneumonia, notifying both the supervisory and management systems.

The supervision and production management systems, with all the data provided by the plant’s equipment, will then be able to make the best decisions at all times for the correct and most productive operation of all our processes. It’s therefore necessary to emphasise the importance of correctly acquiring this data, both in terms of quantity and quality. We have to know the ins and outs of our production processes perfectly in order to know what we want and need, as well as the best place to collect this data.

These supervision and production management systems must be open and comply with international standards in order to certify all of our processes, no matter what type they are.

With these systems, we integrate the business management layer bi-directionally with the production management layer.

They give us:

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Efficiency

The production management system:

  • Is the sole repository of product sheets.
  • Optimises the productivity of plant assets by increasing the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Identifies and solves problems by managing equipment operation time and downtime for KPI calculations and alarm management.
  • Allows for the plant’s energy consumption monitoring.
  • Traces the product and the product, increasing quality.
  • Allows for the integration of purchase, dispatch and transport orders with the ERP.
  • Facilitates the genealogy of the complete product, direct and inverse.
  • Is integrated with PLC/DCS control layers.
  • Helps to standardise products and processes.
  • Executes recipe management.
  • Is capable of knowing if our product or new products comply with the regulations in other countries.
  • Carries out the planning and sequencing of our production in a finite way, increasing the planning’s reliability, visualising possible problems and anticipated decision-making, diminishing stocks and manufacturing times.

These, along with many others, are the improvements we can achieve if we take on this challenge.

The challenge of digitalisation

At Sothis, we consider ourselves to be the perfect travel companions to join you on your journey and guarantee you have a first-class trip.