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Food is a strategic pillar of the economy and one of the industries undergoing widespread digitalisation in order to evolve its business towards solutions that cut down on time to market, offer greater control of all processes, security, optimisation of production and traceability. Innovation and technology are indispensable allies for companies striving to be competitive and industry-leading.
The chemical industry is a trailblazer in the implementation of digitalisation solutions. Strict regulatory controls and market power have driven this industry to the forefront of technology. However, there are still a significant number of challenges that need solving. Improving quality control and traceability or customising solutions are just a few examples of the new opportunities that digitalisation can offer the chemical industry.
The healthcare ecosystem; from the doctor to the instrument supplier to the insurance company, is currently undergoing an unprecedented revolution. The power of data, the emergence of devices such as wearables, the unstoppable impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the strength of artificial intelligence are paving the way towards a new era of medicine that is more personalised, predictive and participatory than ever before.
An industry that embraces technology, and innovation, as much as the pharmaceutical industry needs to continue fostering the digitalisation thereof with a view to cutting down on time to market (TTM) and controlling each and every one of the processes of a strictly regulated market that is subject to significant variations depending on where it operates. The digitalisation of all the companies that comprise the pharmaceutical value chain is a prerequisite for any business seeking to stay ahead of the curve.
Industry 4.0 has gone beyond the barrier of the future to become of the utmost importance for companies seeking to offer efficient industrial and production services today that are perceived as being of great value for all its stakeholders. Tools that allow us to anticipate in order to make informed decisions, process simulation or business management solutions are already key instruments in the industry.
Innovation and the latest technological solutions are key allies when it comes to boosting an industry that, until quite recently, has been extremely labour intensive. Bespoke solutions, improved user experience and control of all business processes, from budgeting to design as well as project roll-out, are key tools for companies seeking to stand out in the construction industry.
Controlling all processes, personalising and improving the user experience, real-time information and the monitoring and certification of the supply chain are some of the opportunities that digitalisation opens up for companies in the logistics industry.
Service companies face major challenges in an increasingly innovative and competitive industry. An increasing number of consumers around the world are demanding more services than ever from companies competing from all over the world in a marketplace where differentiation is of the utmost importance. Efficient management of resources, informed and real-time decision making that enable handling market pressures and the mandatory good service to facilitate customer loyalty are all issues that can be solved by opting for the right solutions and technologies.

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